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Learn to manage your business so you can be home on weekends and still profit.


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Are ready to avoid fines? Join in on the NYS Mandated Sexual Harassment Training. This class will be held online and is only $35 per attendee. Take the course online, anytime and meet your mandated training requirements.
You will be provided with your certification upon completion to submit to the State.

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Monthly Trainings!

2020 sent businesses scrambling to stay connected with their customers and staff. Learn from an expert how to flex with change & keep going!

This ISCONY Exclusive and Limited Program begins in April 2021

Your Time Commitment is only 2 Hours/1x/Month:
Tuesday 6-8 pm most on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, for 8 Months!



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This Live and Online Program Includes:

  • Rethink Profits- How to think and become richer - Think of systems and savings to support your bottom line.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder - Learn ways to capitalize on your time, talents, and team to get your personal life back.
  • Developing a Success Roadmap - What planning for success actually means and what it really takes to reach it.
  • Think Big, and Grow Big - Learn how to get past your hurdles, self, and client created.
  • Stop Failing the Shop Floor - Learn how to lead a team in a way that will help them see your goals and work towards stronger profits.
  • Lead for Profits - How to get your team thinking about your profits, not just their time cards.
  • Fuel Your Fire, Without Burning Out - Learn the art of balance so you can keep going without crashing, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labors.
  • Tie It All Together and Crush It! 


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Why This Series?

Is your organization properly prepared for your best current and future performance? Are you comfortable with your current strategic planning and implementation efforts? Do you get out of the weeds enough to really see what is going on in your organization? Better yet, have you undertaken an industry analysis to best understand the business environment around you? Possibly the opportunity for constructive improvement is now and at the top! Systems drive business, leaders organize and lead people, Executives are responsible for these concepts. Right now, to invest in Ownership and Leadership levels for continued success is more important than ever. These are the individuals driving the organization, developing strategy and direction for results now and for the future. These are the drivers of vision, mission, team values, and purpose! To develop highly productive business owners, executive, and c-suite teams to achieve the best results is required in uncertain times. Frankly, we must do more with less. Show your high-level teams you are serious about their professional development. To invest in the executive and c-suite levels right now is not only a great idea but a true necessity.

If you are not engaged in proven, quality, outside support, and training at the Ownership and Leadership levels, you may become blind to future challenges. These are the people responsible for direction and focus. This series was developed for you and your organization.

Series Detail:

Course Highlights: This series is designed to develop multiple skill sets and directly improve performance at the Leadership, and Ownership levels. Three fundamental principles are presented in the series. Individual skillset knowledge, team performance development, and improved execution with attention to results are of primary focus. The format is quickly paced with dynamic content, feedback, and accountability.

Who Should Participate: Ownership, Leadership, Leadership Candidate level team members looking to improve personal skillsets, build/support better teams, ready to up the game and deliver substantially improved results should participate. Content topics and materials support advanced principles and implementation techniques blended appropriately.

Learning Objectives: Each unit in this series is designed with clearly defined learning objectives for all participants. All units end with time set aside for participants to articulate action steps and implementation expectations and deliverables they have uniquely identified as they move forward.

Days: Meets once per month via Zoom virtually


Duration: 8 Months (Once Per Month) 8 meetings. See Exact Dates

Time: 2.0 hrs. per meeting

Materials: DiSC Report Included in 1.0 Series, Binder and Materials, PowerPoint per session, access to Coach during series, Case Studies, Book Summaries

Notes: Designed as a Cohort Group Series

This series is offered in-person and on-line for convenience.

Limited to 10 Participants in either formation for maximum value.

All participants begin at 1.0 as programming is cumulative by design

YOU will learn to:

Develop strong strategic thinking skills that transfer into strong team implementation tactics for improved results. Learn to win at a higher level and crush it!

Recognize dysfunctions that create roadblocks to your organizational success you might not be aware of currently. More importantly, you will learn techniques and take action to remediate your blind spots in these foundational areas.

Enhance your position of authority without coming across as demonstrative or overly bossy. Lead without enforcing your position of authority. You will increase your Emotional Intelligence.

Recognize and understand the four major behavioral modalities in yourself and others on your team. Learn how to best work with these behaviors for maximized results.

Improve your communication skills. Build better relationships and build dynamic result producing teams while having fun together! You will maximize your Personal Effectiveness.

Enhance company culture and develop structured positive change to pivot to the changing business environments we face. Build teamwork and maximize results. And so much more…

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